In Objective Management, there are four sides to every story.

Being a manager in a small or medium sized business can be quite stressful at times.  There is your primary responsibility to further the business you work in, by applying your experience along with the policy and procedures to whatever it is your area of responsibility is.  Most times, we have learned through working with thousands of businesses and tens of thousands of managers and employees, there is a definitive lack of Policy and Procedure supporting the experience. 

Without Policy and Procedure, the individual must rely on his or her own organizational skills and or memory to remember the different tasks and company standards that may or may not have been established.  It is during this time, day to day, that you begin to see the chink in the armor of personal memory as it pertains to remembering the day to day things that are needed or that have even happened during the day. 

 The human memory is not something that is consistent between different people.  Each of us has a different way of remembering things and applies our own learned way of storing that information.  Then, when it comes to remembering that information, we fall back on our own way of “telling the story” to whomever wants to hear it.

  We believe one of the first steps to Objective Management, is realizing that there are four sides to every story.

1.  There is the side of the first participant.

2. There is the side of the person telling the story.

3. There is that which you believe.

4. There is the truth. 

Now, we concede that all four can be the same, however history tells us that stories change each time they are told or each time we hear them.  We have all gone through or heard of the grade school exercise where a story is told to one person and asked to pass it around the class; only to find that at the end of the line the story has changed, sometimes drastically.

It is the ability of a Manager to listen to all the information being presented to him or her and discern from the details the key ingredients needed to piece together what the issue at hand really is.  With so many things affecting today’s managers, employees, vendors and customers it’s no wonder the stress level in the work place is at an all time high.  By listening and realizing there are four sides to the story, you can give yourself the information needed to resolve any issue presented in a fair and equitable manner. 

 Four sides to every story is part of our BizVision Management program, one tool offered by Individual Advantages, LLC. 



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